What is landscaping - or photography, for that matter - if not exerting your own vision and influence over the small portion of this world that you can control?
- Ryan Covington

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My family owns a PLANT NURSERY.

And even though the photos you will see here span multiple decades of my career, it became easy to split my work into two basic categories once I had the realization that without exception, all of my Residential Landscape Photography was shot in or around my hometown of Dallas, Texas. Sometimes, it was literally in my own backyard; hence, the "NEAR."

In my Naturally Occurring Landscapes and World Photography, the "FAR," I am continually fascinated by the combination of natural beauty and human ingenuity. Cultures throughout world solve the exact same problems -- where to sleep, who to worship, what to eat -- in such vastly different and exquisitely beautiful ways, that life continuously surprises me. I marvel at our ability as a species to take what was given to us and improve upon it, bending nature to our individual specifications and needs, and creating a version of the world that exists not as it really is, but as we wish it could be.

As I photograph all different types of nature, both wild and domestic, and myriad cultures, both at home and abroad, I am reminded that when something is truly beautiful, its beauty can transcend the generational and geographic barriers of time and space and surpass all our societal differences.